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The power to transform any property into a must buy

Imagine achieving faster listing conversion and greater lead generation

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sell more properties, in fewer days…

We’re putting that power in your hands. The power to sell like never before. Modwell lets you turn even the most ordinary property into your client’s dream home with a state-of-the-art – yet easy to use -- digital design tool designed specifically for the needs of agents.


It’s the power to persuade. And turn desire into sales by bringing the potential of a property stunningly to life.

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About modwell

Who we are

We’re a real estate technology innovator. For too many years real estate has been sold the same way: static listings, still images, ordinary – a lifeless reciting of a property’s features. We saw an opportunity to do something revolutionary: empower real estate agents with technology that would help them excite their clients by using the power of design.


What we do

Our band of technologists, architects and designers have collaborated to create something truly magical: a sophisticated, cutting-edge architectural design and technology tool to help you enhance properties and show them in their best light. But more than that, you’ll get all the support and training you need to make the most of it.

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The magic of Design Intelligence™

Our proprietary Design Intelligence technology does more than help clients imagine possibilities. With sophisticated architectural talent and state-of-the-art digital tools, it actually helps you show properties in their best light in real time, right on your PC, tablet or smartphone.


Agent Success Stories

In the hottest of markets some homes stubbornly just resist being sold. But even listings that have gone stale for months or even years have been reinvigorated using Modwell. See how a growing number of agents are enjoying stunning success by putting the power of Modwell to work.

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Why be a Modwell Member?

Our technology is only the start of your benefits. Training, access to top-tier design talent, technical support and world-class customer service are all part of your ongoing support. Our goal is to identify you as the agent with the tool and means to make properties move.

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