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We partner with local architects around the country to bring design to the real estate market and drive in new buisness months before the sale.



Revolutionizing real estate 

Modwell is a design tech company whose first-of-its-kind collaborative platform and tools empower agents and buyers to modernize their real estate experience.

While other industries have evolved to match our 21st century lifestyles and preferences, real estate has stayed relatively the same.

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Leading market change

In its current iteration, Modwell’s platform solves for all the variables in today’s real estate market with the power and sophistication of architecture, technology, and design. But it’s just the beginning, because even bigger waves of change are coming for real estate.

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Join the club!

Join us on our journey as we expand across the United States helping real estate agents and their clients buy with design in mind


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Meet the founders

Modwell was founded in 2020 by architecture and marketing specialists who not only set out to close the real estate + design gap but who have a clear vision for where real estate is going as the world embraces VR

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