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Modwell provides a limited, select group of agents with a significant competitive edge. Our members, leverage Modwell’s design expertise and technology, to help them articulate the full potential of any property with real, beautiful, 3D architectural designs and our extended suite of design services.

“I use Modwell as my secret weapon. It’s like having the stars of HGTV on my team to help me sell any property.”  

- Mario Curcio, Agent

Agents use Modwell to win exclusives, sell outdated properties, illustrate opportunities on land, and market new developments before they come to completion, all of which drives conversion and helps buyers cross the finish line.

Member Agents have sold properties in fewer days at full value, many using our unique Enhanced Listings®.


See some recent success stories of agents who have used Modwell


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Three Membership Tiers
Special Membership Packages for Charter Members

At Modwell, we believe that every property has unbelievable potential! Buyers are always highly engaged and eager to buy properties when they can see and get excited about the possibilities that lie before them!


Standard Membership

12 monthly payments of

$499 / M

2 Enhanced Listings ( 3D )

Modwell Platform Distribution

Platform Access

Trade Discounts 

Additional Enhanced Listings

Starting at $3,495.00

Premium Membership

12 monthly payments of

$699 / M

2 Enhanced Listings ( 3D ) 

Modwell Platform Distribution

MLS Distribution

Platform Access

Trade Discounts 

Starting at $3,195.00

Additional Enhanced Listings

Lux Membership

12 monthly payments of

$999 / M

$399 / M

2 Enhanced Listings ( 3D ) 

Modwell Platform Distribution

MLS Distribution

Social Distribution

Platform Access

Trade Discounts 

Custom Branding

Additional Enhanced Listings

Starting at $2,995.00

Modwell Memberships are offered only to a limited set of top-producing real estate agents in each market. Each membership includes 2 Enhanced Listings plus a number of quick and easy ways to tap into our design intelligence -  providing buyers with the confidence they need to go to contract quicker.

Now, for a limited time, Modwell is offering charter members a founder’s package – A discounted 12-month subscription of $399/M payments, including all of the Lux benefits.


Membership will include a total of 2 Enhanced Listings plus full distribution rights to all the Enhanced Listing assets created, in addition to full platform access, design discounts, and our full suite of additional resources / features.


In addition, the Lux package will also allow members to buy additional Enhanced Listings at a reduced price of @$2,995 over the term of their subscription.

How your membership works

Sign up as one of our select modwell members

  • Modwell Memberships are limited to a small percentage of all agents in each market

  • As you see properties that can benefit from a Modwell Enhanced Listing, or interact with buyers that can benefit from design support, simply reach out to Modwell to get started



Requesting an Enhanced Listing is easy


  • Provide the property address

  • Include your point of view on the design direction regarding what would help sell this property in the local market. If you like, you can also provide pictures similar to properties that articulate your desired design style. 

  • Provide all additional materials that you have in association with your property; the more context the better. We can get started with a simple set of images, but surveys & and floor plans are always appreciated.

  • We will immediately contact you to discuss the property and within as little as 3- 4 days deliver the Enhanced Listing with your promotional assets including:


  • A redesigned 3D model

  • A rendered 360 tour module

  • A 60-90 second animated video

  • A set of still renderings


Please note: we will provide an interim review of the redesign before we push to completion so that you can provide comment.


More quick and easy design intelligence solutions 


For those times you need quick and easy solutions to help convert maybes into sold, our memberships also include a number of additional services as defined below.

  • Zoom or Facebook Meetings
    Have your clients set a Zoom or Facetime meeting with one of our architectural designers to ask questions and explore possibilities within the property


  • Sun Studies and Zoning Analyses
    Articulate general property potential with sun studies and review local setbacks and allowances as defined by the town.

  • Single Room 3D Models
    Request a redesign of a single room to give your clients the extra confidence they may need to go to contract.



Additional Member Benefits


Access to our Design Partners


  • As a design-led company we have leveraged our relationships to obtain trade discounts a variety of top-design partners

  • Modwell members can offer and pass along discounts, usually not made available to real estate agents.

  • Feel free to use this benefit to provide additional value to your buyer clients, or reach out to past clients as a way to reconnect and maintain your relationships.

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Coming Soon: Future Benefits Include


  • Full access to our design-based listing platform

  • Special Modwell Member Agent profiles

  • Mood board creation and sharing – to facilitate easy and fun client engagement

Coming Soon: Virtual Real Estate


Modwell will help our client members participate in the world of virtual real estate! 

Earn Royalties in NFTs and more!

Stay tuned!

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