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Frequently asked questions

How does Modwell develop my 3D designs?

Modwell is comprised of teams of highly qualified, architectural designers and real estate professionals.  Our designs are developed using our teams design expertise and rely on our unique process and a number of technologies to get our highly-stylized Enhanced Listings® done fast! 


It’s our tech perspective that allows us to create superior 3D models and the host of assets that are created with each Enhanced Listings.  


How do agents win new exclusives with Modwell?

Progressive agents, such as yourself, know how competitive it is to win listings.  They also know that homes that have the most engaging listings and marketing materials attract more buyers and sell faster. 


Many of our member agents win exclusives by showing prospective sellers how Modwell’s Enhanced Listings work and how creating one will help their property stand out in the market.


How can I use Modwell to sell land or new development?

You can use Modwell to illustrate what a property will look like on a piece of land. Our land listings are more than just a simple rendering, which buyers may be weary of.  Modwell takes the FAR, set back requirements, etc. into consideration and builds a speculative 3D model, placed perfectly for that land.  This empowers agents to sell land more readily.


For new development, you can work with Modwell to develop a 3D model and renderings of the home as it will look fully built.  This has allowed Modwell member agents to sell new development projects 8-10 months in advance of completion!

What is an Enhanced Listing®?

Modwell is best known for its proprietary Enhanced Listings.  The purpose of the Enhanced Listing is to show a property in its best light and help buyers visualize how fantastic a property can be. 


Modwell illustrates the property in a re-designed, updated state.  The listing includes a 3D architectural designed model, with 360 rendered views, materiality options that clients can play with, several flat renderings and a highly engaging 60-90 second video.  Each Enhanced Listing is easily viewed on the Modwell platform.  We also provide a file with all of the separate assets for agents to share in their social media, MLS listings and use in their marketing materials. 


The elements alone created for these listings would be valued well over $10,000 if developed by other suppliers separately.  


How do I order design services?

Ordering is easy.  You simply log into your Member Profile and fill out a request.  If you have not yet created your profile click here.


Once you fill out your request, someone on the Modwell team will reach out to you to discuss your listing and get your input re: what you think will help sell the property best. We take it from there!  Within 4-5 days your Enhanced Listing will be complete. 


Members may reach out to us to answer any questions related to their request.  Ask us at

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