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a perfect combination



Win more listings – Boost your sales – Stand out in your market!

Using the same tech used by agents on Million Dollar Listing LA!

Increase your sales +143%

Increase Views +93%

Increase engagement with your listing 5X

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Modwell has partnered with EXP Luxury to provide special access and pricing for EXP luxury agents! 


Be the first to take advantage of Modwell’s stunning 3D Enhanced Listings, 3D showrooms and more!  Luxury agents around the country have been using Modwell to help reposition outdated homes with updated designs, illustrated new development in 3D and show possibilities on land parcels.

Who are you?

Modwell agents are progressive luxury agents.  They are entrepreneurial, know it’s important to stand out and invest to build their business, market themselves and sell properties fasters. While there is no requirement Modwell members generally seek listings for properties $1.0M+ that might be outdated or new developments (land with plans). 

Its simple

Step 1 – Click here to request your free Modwell Profile

Step 2 – reach out to schedule a quick demo here!

Step 3 – Request an 3D Enhanced Listing or personal 3D showroom

Modwell’s 3D Enhanced Listings are easy and fast.  With 5-7 days you’ll have a full Enhanced Listing including all of the below elements packaged as shown below. 


Each includes a 3D interactive model of the house (redesigned if outdated, shown as built if new development), 360 fully staged and landscaped tours, exterior + interior rendings and a stunning 60 second video

Sample Properties

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About modwell

Modwell Demo

  • Schedule a 15 minute zoom meeting with demo


Set up your free Profile.

Modwell profiles show clients that you’re a progressive agent

Request your Enhanced Listings

  • Log into modwell and order, got to design shop to request

  • Set up a meeting with us here to discuss

Listing Presentation Materials

  • Take this to your Listings Presentations, stand out by showing sellers the tech you have.

  • Download this PowerPoint to get sample Enhanced Listings to include in your listing presentation.

Information Center

Learning Center

  • How to videos about Modwell Features


Modwell Promotional Videos

  • Post these on your social media or share them with clients.

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What you get with your modwell membership

  • Modwell profile (pick of profile on desktop, and a view of profile on mobile)

  • Consumer Vaults – pictures and description

  • Your Personalize 3D Avatar

  • QR codes + AR capabilities

  • Listing Presentation Materials  -- to help you win listings and market yourself

    • Listing Presentation Materials

    • Example enhanced listings

    • Promotional videos

  • Enhanced Listings – with special EXP pricing

    • $0.95 per square foot – up to 4k sqft

    • $0.75 per square foot above

  • Special pricing on personal 3D showrooms

    • Starting at $1,500

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Let’s get started!

Create your free profile here

Schedule a zoom demo here

Request an enhanced listing here


Request your 3D showroom here


Download listing presentation materials here

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